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                                                           "AN ABSALOM CHURCH"      "A true story" 


                                                                           II Sam. 15: 6-22 and II Sam. 18: 1-18               

A church that is founded by an Absalom spirit can not prosper because it's roots is evil, AND IF THE ROOT IS EVIL, the whole tree is evil.  
I sent out over twenty two letters to other pastors about the Absalom spirit moving in this time in the churches. 

         Behold They Shall  Surely  Gather Together, But Not By Me"                                         Isaiah 54:15                        

                                                                            "God Has The Last Say"

When I see Jesus amen. This is something  I can say with joy. Jesus have shown me His hands against all of my enemies. God said they will build, but 
He will tear it down.
Sometimes the enemies are those of their own household. When God says wait and see His salvation. I am one to says that I have heard Him loud and clear.
   When others think that I don't know, God lets me know all things. Why would others think that God don't tell His prophets what they are doing and what
is happening to them. God has a way of having others that they think that are their friends run to the phone and call me to back up what He has told me.
I have heard people making their children prophets and others telling them, they can prophesy just like anyone. This is a lie and they are sending others to
hell with this lie. These folks died thinking that they were some great prophet.They would not have ran from church to church trying to hear a Word telling
them they were not going to died. They would have been alive today if they had obey the voice of God and called a true Prophet. I heard God tell me one night
that He told them to call me and that they would live. A week later I heard of their death."When you believe in God so shall ye be established; believe in His
prophets, so shall ye prosper. II Chro: 20: 20. This mean you know that you know what God Himself will do. God wants us to live and not died.
God let me live after a heart attack and it was a big one. The doctors did not know how I survive it. I told the doctors it was God. Some folks get up in the pulpit and try to repeat that things that I say and it don't work for them because they don't have wisdom. "one lady came to me and said. "Pastor your heart 
attack was witchcraft someone worked it against you." I said from the pulpit. "If anyone kills me because of witchcraft. Put on my grave. 
"HERE LAYS A FOOL TRUSTING JESUS. "  Now Jesus came to me one night and said. "this woman and man made this statement, but they 
​never heard what I place in your back pocket. "I will show them." I heard God tell me this as sure and I hear other speak. Two days later God took another woman family member. A day later someone was  praying against me and I got up out of bed and place the blood against them. 
God showed me the woman face as sure as day. It was C. I taught her how to pray. God let me see all and hear the prayer. Didn't do her any good.
The next day I heard that this person lost one of her family members.

                                                               "Man Returned Home After Pastor Venus Prayed"

          A woman came to Pastor Venus home after hearing her broadcast on the radio. She stood at the door of Pastor Venus home with a $100.00 bill in her hand. She said "here is one hundred dollars, and I want you to make my husband return home." Pastor Venus said "put your money away. I can't make your husband return to you, but Jesus can."  I was so broke that day it was spelled out on my face.
Pastor Venus invited the lady into her home and asked her to have a seat. The lady said that her husband had left her for another woman over a year and he would not even talk with her on the phone. She had not spoken with him in  eight months. Pastor Venus took the woman hand and began to pray. Pastor Venus said "thank you Jesus for hearing and answering me. Pastor Venus needed money, but  would not touch the woman $100.00  for the way the lady  came. Pastor Venus said "she was paying me to bring her husband home, and only God can do this.  "For who can place a price on the Holy Ghost."
Pastor Venus asked the woman if she knew anyone that needed food. The lady said, "I have a cousin and she said she didn't have food for her children yesterday. Pastor Venus said go at once to the store and take that $100.00 and buy your cousin some food and take it to her before you go home. " Pastor Venus said, promise me you will obey me. The lady said that she would buy the food and take it to her cousin. When the lady returned home after taking food to her cousin. Her husband that would not speak to her in over eight months, was laying across their bed! Glory! Jesus did this  Give and Jesus will give you your desires.  1984


    A man came to the church one Sunday morning with his mother. Pastor Venus had never laid see on him. While he sat through the service, Pastor Venus watch him cry as she bought forth the Word of God.  After service the young came up for prayer. He asked Pastor Venus to pray that he would not go to jail, for they were talking about giving him ten years.  Pastor Venus looked at the young man and said you will not do a year in jail for this crime. "For God has seen your tears and heart." Pastor did not see the  man for a while but she would see his mother now and then.  One day the young man came to the church, and he asked. "do you remember me." Pastor Venus said "yes, somewhat." He said Iam the man that you told that would not do a year in jail. I am out on work release and I have only stayed behide bar 8 months. You are a woman of God. I need you to fill out these papers so I can come to church to learn all about Jesus, and you. Pastor  Venus just laugh and said when you find out about the Lord Jesus, you will then learn about me.- June 1997


                                                                                             Prophet Venus Tavel To Africa

      Pastor Venus traveled to Africa by the Word of God.. Venus said that when she became saved. The Lord came to her and spoke in her heart that He was going to send her to different countries. One place that He said that she would visit soon was Africa. 
Venus packed her bags and headed toward Africa. When she arrived. She arrived in Lagos Nigeria. Pastor Venus  traveled to Edom State Nigeria. When Pastor Venus arrived at her motel it was late in the evening and Venus was tired from the long trip. Before Pastor Venus could unpack. She ran out of the motel screaming to the top of her voice.  The customers in the motel rooms ran out to the woman from America that was screaming. The man said "what wrong madame?" Pastor Venus said: " there an alligator in my room." The young man asked; "where madame?" Everyone was trying to see into the room. Pastor Venus pointed up to the edgeway, and said; "there it is." The man said ; "that is no alligator madam, that is a  lizard." Pastor Venus said "in America that is a baby alligator." He said go back to bed madame. Pastor Venus said; "I can't  sleep in there." The man said go to bed madame and take your road tomorrow morning."
   Pastor Venus went back into the room with a stick and slept in a chair with her feet off of the floor.  Pastor Venus had a talk with God. Venus said "Jesus I know that you didn't give me a Spirit of fear, but Lord Jesus. I am afraid. Venus fell asleep and God gave Venus a dream and told her to go to the King of that village. The next morning when Venus awoke, she told the owner of the motel that she had a dream the night before and God had instructed her to go see the King and the Vice President of  Nigeria.. The man jump up and ran inside and came back out and said are you ready to go see the King. The King of this village is my uncle and the Vice President was the Kings nephew. The rest is history. Pastor Venus was taken to the Kings court and home. This is the picture were Venus visit and told the King what God had spoke to her and message to give to the King of that village. This  King was a good man and knew that God was with Pastor Venus.This man had three wives and they were good to me
stated Pastor Venus.
The hand of God was with me during her trip to Africa and Frankfort Germany. God bless.  1991


                                                     "MAN FACING 42 YEARS IN PRISON SET FREE"   

            One Sunday night pastor Venus went into her office to check  messages  on the machine.  There was a called from Tennessee asking her to go to court with a man grandson. Pastor Venus picked up the man grandson after church that Sunday night and called his grandfather. Pastor Venus said that she would go to court with the man grandson, but she could not promise him anything.
The following Tuesday, Pastor Venus went to court with the young man by the name of T bird.  The court clerk called T bird case.
          The Judge looked at T bird and Pastor Venus and read the charges against T bird. Prophet Venus looked at the Honorable Judge H. and said these words. " Your Honor, I have not seen this young man since he was around seven or eight years old. His grandfather called me three days ago and asked would I go to court with his grandson and I told him I would. The man that called me is my brother. 
Your Honor I am from a small country town in the hills of eastern Tennessee. 
A lot of folks have never  hear of the city I come from for it is in the mountains. 
My dad family are from Sevierville, it is next to a small place called Pigeon Forge TN next to Gatlingburg. 
My brother and I attended school in Knoxville.
The judge stated  he knew were Sevierville was. " My brother and I were raised to obey the laws of the land. We came from a good family and we were taught to do right,  and  I asked this court today for Mercy, so that I can  deliever this young man back to my brother house. The judge said you don't have to ask for mercy, for I will give you this young man to take back to Tennessee."
The judge picked up the folder and moved it to the right of him and then picked it up again and put it in fromt of him and looked at T bird and then he looked a me."
The judge stated, "I want this young man out of Indianapolis before sun down, and if he gets into any trouble in the State of Indiana in the next ten years. He will go to prison for 42 years."   I said, "yes sir."  The judge said, I give T bird to you to  take to your brother.  I told the judge thank you and I would delieve T bird home.  I told Tbird not to get off the bus anywhere in the State of Indiana, not even to buy food. "Stay on this bus until you get into Kentuckey." T. bird promised he would do as I told him. I went back to Jesus Saves Lighthouse Church and called my brother Billy and let him know  I place T bird on a bus."  I had Bible class the next day and could not make the trip. My brother cried and thank me for going with T bird.  I went into the santuary and began to pray and thank Jesus for all of His wonderful favor with me. I cried for I knew that Jesus was with me and T bird that morning. This has been over fourteen years. T. bird is saved married and have a son.  Jesus did this and I give all the glory to Him.  10/1998

​                                                            ********************************************************

                            MAN SHOT IN THE BACK -WALKS IN TWO WEEKS

A young man was shot in the back at 18th & College in Indianapolis.  His mother was told that he would never walk. The young mother went to the home of Pastor Venus and asked for some anointing oil that Pastor Venus prayed over. The young man mother said that  her son was laying in the  hospital with a gun wound to his back.  He could not move his legs. Pastor Venus said "I gave the woman the oil.   The mother returned two or three days later.  The mother wanted another botter of the oil.  Pastor Venus said "you had enough oil you used to much." She insisted on having more oil, she stated that her son moved his legs.  The young man was up walking around two weeks later. The doctor said to the mother "this was  God that healed your son." This mother believed that Jesus anointed Pastor Venus oil when she prayed and this mother received a miracle by faith.
Jesus did this, says Pastor Venus. I am only a vessel used by the hand of God.  1984



A Sister  W. came to  Jesus Saves Lighthouse Church on a Sunday night service. Sister W. came up for prayer. Sister W. said that she wanted prayer for her sister that was in the hospital in a coma. Pastor Venus said; "I see your sister in a womb like a baby in it's mother. Your sister will birth soon. She will awake out of this comb. I see her in a sack like a baby. "I didn't understand everything that Jesus was showing me, but I knew that she would be spit out of that womb soon that Lord Jesus was showing me." said Pastor. 
Sister W. sister woke up the next week as Pastor Venus stated. " I give all glory to Jesus for He is the one that works through me." 2000.

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Prophet Venus Stafford