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Pastor Venus Stafford-Bio  
     Pastor Venus Stafford was saved in 1982. Pastor Venus has appeared on the Christian 700 Club with Pat Robertson, and the Christian TBN in Indianapolis IN. Greenwood Indiana. The first appearance that Venus made was on LESEA with the late Dr. Lester Summall. 
    Venus went from dancer, bar owner to preaching the Word of God. In Venus own words. "I would situp and cry during the day and wouldn't know why I was so unhappy. I had a big house and money, and still something was missing. My daughter Kim received Christ Jesus and begin to pray that God would save me. I would just get up in the morning and doing what was normal in taking care of my two girls at that time. I cooked a full meal for my husband Don and the children, but still something was missing. I was so unhappy. I loved and cared for my family, but it was  not enough. One day I watched a television program called the 700 club. There was a lot going on around my life concerning the church and Jesus. But I didn't think that Jesus was for me. Yet I was unhappy and other were telling me to try Jesus and I was just searching for other answers and even other religion. To make a long story short. One day I prayed the sinner prayer with Pat Robertson on the 700 club. No bombs went off at that time, so I said that serve me right, and I got up and went into the kitchen to pour me a drink. I drinked most of the time. When I poured me a double shot of liquor into a cocktail glass and turned the glass up and the drink would not go down. I had to spit the drink back into the glass. But a little of the drink went down and it felt like someone took a hammer and hit me in the top of my head. It was the worst headache I had ever experience. I put both of my hands to my head and screamed. My husband came running into the kitchen and I said "take the kids, I am having a stoke." I went up stairs and lay down on the bed and I slept all day and Don watch over the two girls. I awoke late that night. I think today that God knock me out. I had prayer the prayer earlier that day with that man on television not knowing the power in prayer. I got up and went down stair to start all over again drinking, when I pour a drink and I did not get to put the drink to my mouth. All I heard was JESUS. Nothing was said but JESUS. The word JESUS stuck to my legs and my face and neck, it went into my bloodstream just the word JESUS. It wasn't loud or being shouted at me. It was like a whisper. Jesus, and it stuck to me. I tried to run from the sound of Jesus being said. I ran into my bedroom. I sat down on the bed and  I place the drink down and said. "Jesus if you are real, come into my life, and if you are not real. Leave me alone." The next is history. A bright light flooded my room. From that day until now. I have been changed. Born again. 
I know that Jesus is real. I thank God for my daughter Kimberlee that continue to pray and didn't give up on me. Kim went on a three day fast with no food or water and God saved me Kimberleee mother.  I love my daughter, I love all of my children. I thank the Lord for waiting for me and not letting me go to hell. Now it is up to me to let other know about the goodness of Christ Jesus. God bless all that read this testimony of a "Dancer and Bar Owner Saved."
Before I met Jesus. If I wrote a book,the title would be "Dead but still walking Around"  This is the way I felt...dead.
Let me say to the children that are praying that their mother get saved.Just pray. You must remember they are not feeling what you are feeling. Jesus said no one can come to Him except the Father draw them. I know that my daughter loved  me and she knew that I was a good person and mother. Kim knew that I loved her. When you think that you have not reach your love one., you already have.
       There is more to my story. I have travel to many churches speaking and giving God the glory and telling of His wonderful works to the children of men. His Name is Jesus. Thank you Jesus for my children and grandchildren.

God Bless you.                 Pastor Venus Stafford

         Pastor Venus says: "I walk with Jesus. The Holy Spirit directing me in my walk with Him. I listen to the Holy Spirit when being directed in my walk.  
I wish that all Christians would let the Holy Spirit lead and guild them and there would be a lot of love.: Love destroy evil."   


                                             'WOMAN CAME TO CHURCH PREGNANT AND FAMILY DID NOT KNOW"    (a white baby and a black baby born)

     One Sunday morning a young lady came to  Jesus Saves Lighthouse Church for the first service.  The girl was pointed out by Prophet Venus to come up front. When the young girl came up. Prophet Venus said: "when you leave here you are to go to the drug store at 38th and Post Rd. to get some vitamins.  
           If you don't have money, you are to go into the office and get money from the church. The baby you are carrying needs vitamins. 
The church heard a gasp in the back of the church. It was the  young lady aunt and mother sitting in the back of the church. The Prophet asked them to come up front. The mother and aunt had no knownledge that  the girl was pregnant.
Prophet Venus said well she is and I believe that she will have twins. The aunt and the mother could not believe what was being said. Prophet Venus said ,there  is something going on here that I have never seem or heard  of  before.  This young lady is carry a black baby and a white baby
Now the mother and the aunt thought that Pastor Venus was off. When the young lady deliver her twins. One was a black boy and the other was a caucasian; a white baby as the Prophet of God stated.  I have never seem anyone move and work in the anointing as Pastor Venus. 
If Prophet Venus tells you something, you can take it to the bank.  "Before it spring forth I will tell you of it." Saith the  Lord.  I walk close with Jesus said Venus. 

                                    A WOMAN AT JEUS SAVES LIGHTHOUSE CHURCH RECEIVED $80,000.00

     A lady was lay off from work. Prophet Venus prayed with her everyday. One day as Prophet Venus was praying; she told the lady you are about to receive a large sum of money. It will be over fifty thousand dollars. Thee next week the lady received $80,000.00 after taxes.

                                                           WOMAN RECEIVED LAND IN TENNESSEE

        A young lady was tarry with Prophet Venus for the Holy Ghost at a mother house. After the young lady was filled with the Holy Ghost. Prophet Venus said; "you have land in Tennessee."  The young lady did not know of anyone that would give her land in TN.
About two month passed or less and the young woman received a letter stating that she had been left land outside of Nashville. 
     The young lady transfer her job from Indianapolis with the government and moved to Tennessee. D.F. did not have to worry about seeking an apartment for her and her two children because land had a nice big house on it. Praise the Lord! "For He is good and His mercy endure forever."
​                                                                *********************************
                                        "MAN CAME INTO THE CHURCH IN A WHEEL CHAIR WALKS"
     A  man came to Jesus Saves Lighthouse Church in a wheel chair. Pastor Venus told the young man that he would walk and that he would become a preacher in Jesus Saves Lighthouse Church. This young man started to walk, yet he walked with a limp. Pastor Venus told this young man that he would walk without a limp. The man was told that he would get his old job back that he lost sometime ago.
The young man had his leg operated on and he no longer walks with a limp. He also received his job back. This young man receive a car of his very own. Oh yes and he did preach in the pulpit of Jesus Saves Lighthouse Church.
The power of God is great and God is worthy of all praise, say Pastor Venus.

                                                   "YOUNG GIRL TOLD THAT SHE WOULD WALK"
     A young girl came to Jesus Saves Lighthouse church in a wheelchair was told by Pastor Venus she would walk again. She was operated by the doctors at IU Hospital, and she was able to walk. Pastor said one Sunday when C. came up front that she would run.
C. Mc.G. did run around the church two Sundays later. Glory! Jesus did this said the pastor.

                                                  " WOMAN AND MAN STOP SMOKING AFTER PASTOR PRAYED."
     Sister J.came up for prayer to stop smoking. Pastor Venus touch J. lips and prayed in tongues and J.  has not had a cigarette since.
J. been free for over 7 years. A.E. was prayed for and he has not smoke in 6 years. Both sat free by the Hand of God.

                                                  " MAN RECEIVED JOB BACK WHEN THE PASTOR PRAYED"
    A man was let go off of his job for no fault of his own. The pastor told him that he would go back. This young man did not want to hurt the pastor by telling her; that he could not get his job back for a reason that Pastor Venus was not aware of. Pastor Venus look at this man on a Sunday morning said: "I see a job and money coming to you now." W. was called back on a job that he was let go of. The company changed hands and the new owner found his name on an application that was laying in the center of  the desk. The rest is history. W. started back on the job after Xmas 2012. What  Pastor Venus said:  "folks don't know who own the companies in this world." If God tell me anything, you can take it to the bank." I know that many folks cuts off their blessing by sins. I am a prophet of God and He backs up what I say. Says Pastor Venus. GOD IS A GOD OF HIS WORD. GOD BACKS ME UP ALL THE WAY TO THE BANK.