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"Lord give us this mountain, for the enemy is bread for us."
30 yrs Ministry
This website is dedicated to all my children, grandchildren, and great grand
children for they have been my joy.

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​Jesus Saves Lighthouse Church
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Jesus Saves Lighthouse Church is a "Full Gospel" -Non denominational Word Church.  If you are looking for a change in your walk with Jesus. Jesus Saves Lighthouse Church might be the place for you. The gifts of the Spirit are in operation in our body. The gift of healing, wisdom, Word of knowledge, miracles, prophecy, discernment, tongues, interpretation of tongues, and faith that will move mountains. Jesus Saves Lighthouse Church was a church founded on love.  Our Church was founded in 1984-2012. Come out and fellowship with us where Jesus is Lord.
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Venus Pastor-Senior Pastor
* Gloria J. Johnson-Church Inc. Secretary

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Venus Stafford-Senior pastor
By: Venus Stafford

     A church that flourishes and grows is a church that is healthy. Paul described it like this: "the whole body, joined and held together by every supporting ligament, grows and builds itself up in love, as each part does its works."
Kenneth Alexander and I started Jesus Saves Lighthouse Church on love; but we have met some unlovable people in our walk with God.
I have learned a very important lesson in dealing with so called Christians in the body of Christ. Everyone are not His because you think they are. "Can the eye say I have no need of you because I am not the hearing." We all  don't fit  in the body of Christ but we are not all good for a church that wants to grow and flourish. Their eyes are crossed against God order, and the hearing is dull. God has taught me so much in the last three years through the Holy Spirit in being a pastor and people leaving the church. They lied to others and cause them to believe a lie and now they are all lost. It could not have happen unless God had not let it happen. God calls pastor's after his own heart. When people stop listening to God and listening to others. It's time for
God to take away the cancer.

      A healthy church is made of healthy people. You have some people in the church that are mentally unstable and with a lot of issues that are against the Commandments of God. What do you do with these folks that are unstable Christians, backbiting, won't pay tithes, jealous and just out in tearing up a church? 
     You can teach the un-saved the Word of God, but you can't make them change. There has to be a willness to change.  What are  we to do when members are un willing to change and you won't  put them out of the church because of friends, family, or tithes? 
God Himself comes and separates the goats from the sheeps. He does the separating. He separates the tares from the wheat.
These are the disobedience Chrisitians that have the form of godiness but denying the power that be. Having no fear of God.
Things that I could not see and other pastor 's might not see. God see it all. Nothing hid, all reveal.  He begans to cut off the branches and make ready for the fire. I found that nothing can happen to you but what God allows to happen. This is good.
A healthy church with healthy church members after he has taken away the spoil is ready for the maker Hands. 
The members will be able to reaffirm its purpose for Christ Jesus coming. Jesus is coming for a church without spots or wrinkles. We as pastor's want to sit and blame ourselves thinking it is something that we have done. I had the Father speak to me not long ago and told me. It was never you Venus. It was Me. I removed these goats. I hear and see all things. God wants a healthy body.  I  will not let go of my  integity for these goats in the church.  
Job, and  David kept their integrity, and they never were without God's help.  Job refuse to listen to his wife and it cause a double blessing for the man called Job. No one can say that God used Job same wife that told Job to curse God and die because she had lost five children. I looked at that story and I don't believe that God used that first wife  of Job; to give Job ten more children. 
The Bible says, "that all ten of Job children were more beautiful than the first five that Job lost." That lets me know that she must have been a younger wife and pretty to have beautiful children by Job.
      The Bible don't even mention Job wife anymore after she try to pull Job away from God. That was the last time I read anything in the Bible about Job first wife. Job said "you talk as a foolish woman." God must have thought the same she was foolish.  Job was a man of integrity
David was a man of integrity. I have never read in the Bible were David was laid up with wounds and had any broken bones. When David pray to God, David got answered right away. I will read for hours on the prayer of David in IISam. 22: 1-51. 
I know the love of God for David.  "Oh thank God for His wonderful works to the children of man. Only if man would praise Him."
What is INTEGRITY? Honesty, Truthfulness, Sincerity, Good Morals, Fairness, and Trust. 
Job and David could be trusted. Don't forget. God is a Great God of Integrity.   A God that can be trusted.

Jesus said He was cleaning Jesus Saves Lighthouse Church of cancer. He removed the tares, goats out of the churches. 
Now it is in  other churches. I know now what my grandmother meant that there are more devils in the church.
Folks don't know they have cancer. The man or woman are smiling, and laughing and preaching, then full blow cancer will
show it's head.  Pastor's need to stand strong and let the all "Mighty God" do His work.
"If a man abide not in me, he is cast forth as a branch, and is withered and men gather them, and cast them into the fire, and they are burned." John 15: 6. If a man will hear my voice and listen, that man will live. 

Pastor Venus Stafford-11/27/2012